Why Use Us?

Are you asking yourself, “Why should I use a travel agent?”  You should be asking yourself, “Why not?”  Expert travel advice prior to, during (when you really need it), and after your trip is available from Jet Travel Group without inflating the cost of your plans, and in many cases saving you a lot of money.  

Let’s be honest, you'd rather spend that money on a hand-crafted Triple Espresso Macchiato from your favorite place in Milan.  And since you won’t be on hold with our “Internet competition”, you’ll have time to enjoy it too!  You deserve personalized, right on, and right now advice.

Say goodbye to the panic of hearing "Your flight has been cancelled," and say hello to an immediate rebooking, without waiting in line, all handled by Jet.

Jet Travel Group is all about building relationships with each and every client, as our goal is a lifelong trust.

JTG leverages its network of partners to capture and retain the industry's best terms with thousands of travel suppliers around the world.

Jet Travel Group uses the latest Travel Industry technology in planning our simplest to most complex itineraries, along with VoIP communications and Enterprise-grade email to ensure security and privacy regarding your transactions with us.